Balloon Safari Flight Locations

Hot Air Balloon ride experience began pretty early  morning, when a cheerful crew came and pick up at  hotel.

Soon,  reached the launch site with a scene of bustling activity. The mammoth balloons were being unwrapped and immediately whipped out the cameras to record the unusual sight.  Meet the pilot, who after will got busy lighting what looked like a flame-thrower and the fire will began to heat up the air inside the balloon. The fabric swelled out majestically, the balloon will became upright and fell like a celestial  air chariot is ready.

Just jump into the basket – it’s called a Gondola – with provided comfortable. Then, it seemed as if someone released the invisible ropes that tied to the telestial world ,  swayed a little,  a sudden flare of flames above … and  up, up and away. Lifted gently, watching the earth fall away below. Soon,  fly over forts and castles, craggy mountains, sandy stretches and green plains.  Dipped down to kiss the waters of a limpid lake, then floated up again.  fly over towns and villages,No wonder to  spot a herd of deer. There’s no rush, no urgency, no whirring of engines, peaceful, serene and incredibly beautiful.

There’s no feeling quite like it, nothing on earth that can match the magic of floating on air, the sense of being at one with the sky and looking down at a world that is looking up at you!

The retrieval crew on hand to receive on landing and  each rider got a Certificate of First Flight duly signed by the pilot.

The pilots are from Europe and the USA, with thousands of hours of balloon piloting behind them. (Besides being really friendly!) The ground crew has been trained and equipped to match the standards of the best crews internationally.

The safety norms are identical to those followed anywhere in the world. The entire project has been set up under the advisory services of well-known consultants from overseas.

  • Approximately 60 minutes of a balloon flight.
  • Pick-Up and drop to/from the Hotel to be provided by us.

  • Witness the exhilarating sight of the balloons being inflated and prepared for the flight.
  • Tea/Coffee & Cookies are served at the launch site.
  • A Certificate of First Flight shall be handed over duly signed by your pilot.
  • Internationally practiced safety norms are being followed.
  • All Flights are duly ensured on the Hull and the Occupants as per the prevailing international standards.
  • Balloons to be flown by highly experienced international pilots from the UK and USA.
  • The Project has been set up under the able guidance of one of the world’s best consultants
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