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Tradition of printing with finely carved wooden blocks. This method, though laborious, is actually quite simple and merely calls for precision. The cloth is laid out flat on a table or bench and a freshly dipped block is hand pressed on to the fabric to form a continuous, interlocking pattern. The block carries dye if the original color of the cloth has to be preserved. 

If the cloth has to be dyed, the block is used to apply an impermeable resist – a material such as clay, resin or wax – to demarcate the pattern that is not to be colored. Later, when the cloth is dyed, the pattern emerges in reverse. Traditionally, block-printing relied on the use of natural dyes and pigments, but now synthetic dyes have gained currency as they are cheaper. If you belong to the green brigade, stick to eco-friendly naturally dyed cloth.

Bandhani or Tie and Dye

The main colors used in Bandhani are yellow, green, red and black. It is essentially a household craft supervised by the head of the family. The fabric is skillfully knotted by the women, while the portfolio of dyeing rests with the men. The women often grow a long nail on the little finger of the left hand, or wear a ring with a little blunt spike on it, with which they push the cloth upwards to form a tiny peak.

Tie and dye cloth  be warned that the colors always run. So if you’ve bought silk, it’s safer to get it dry-cleaned.

Zari, Gota, Kinari & Zardozi

Zari is gold, and Zardozi embroidery is the glitteringly ornate, heavily encrusted gold thread work practiced in Jaipur and a few other cities of India. To most foreigners - used to sleek, understated wear - the north Indian bride’s lehanga, choli and dupatta, heavily embroidered with gold and silver threads comes as a visual shock. Either real silver thread, gold-plated thread or an imitation which has a copper base gilded with gold or silver color, is used for Zari.

A wide range of choice as bed spread, sheets, cushions, table clothing,  curtains and wall hangings etc.
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