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Indian Traditional Jewelry
Jewelry in India has been an unbroken tradition for over 5,000 years. Such is the skill of Indian jewelers that with time, the real flowers and leaves used by our ancestors inspired them to recreate the gifts of nature in gold and silver. In early India, people handcrafted jewelry out of natural materials found in abundance all over the country.
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Miniature Paintings
The beautiful art of miniature painting is a delight to behold, and it is not surprising that its creation requires a great deal of skill, diligence and imagination.
A master miniature painter has years of patience and practice behind him, and it is possible to say that his art is brilliant because he has perfected the miniature painting techniques.
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Indian Carpets are renowned the world over for their exquisite designs, subtle elegance, attractive colours and workmanship. The magnificence of Indian carpet weaving and the intricate patterns that have emerged from it have substantially increased India's carpet exports and placed it prominently in the international carpet map.
Carpet weaving was brought to India by the great Mughal Emperor Akbar in the 16th century. Some of the most exclusive carpets were created during the Mughal reign, each carpet unlike the other but infused with a common magic of colours and design.
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Block-printing-Tradition of printing with finely carved wooden blocks.
Bandhani or Tie and Dye-The fabric is skillfully knotted and then dyeing.
Zari, Gota, Kinari & Zardozi - embroidery of glitteringly ornate, Sari,Tops and Tuniques, Menswear
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Stone Carving & Sculpture
There are back lanes in Jaipur that ring with the sound of diamond-tipped chisels and hammers, carefully chipping away at blocks of marble and red or yellow sandstone. Till the royalty held sway in India, stone carving received ample patronage in the form of architectural commissions. In fact, when founding the city of Jaipur, Sawai Jai Singh earmarked a whole lane for stone carvers, naming it Silawaton ka Mohalla. Some of Jaipur's best showpieces are the latticework in the City Palace; the sandstone carvings and ornamental stonework at the Hawa Mahal and the Amber Fort gateways.
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Jaipur Blue Pottery
The art of making blue glaze pottery came to Rajasthan via Kashmir, the Mughal emperors' favorite retreat and, more importantly, their entry point into India. The use of blue glaze on pottery made from Multani mitti, or Fuller's earth, is essentially an imported technique, first developed by enterprising Mongol artisans who combined Chinese glazing technology with Persian decorative arts. This technique traveled south to India with early Muslim potentates in the 14th century. During its infancy, it was strictly used to make tiles to decorate mosques, tombs and palaces in Central Asia.
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Lacquer Bangles (Shellac Bric-a-Brac)
Brightly colored lac/lacquer bangles, hand mirrors, pens, pillboxes and agarbatti (incense) stands are a cheerful and inexpensive buy in Rajasthan. In the pink city of Jaipur, lac/lacquer trinkets are a common sight in every bazaar. Check out the dazzling bangles, often studded with glass gems, spirals of base-metal wire amid a wavy striping of other colors.
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Ancient Indian sages and ascetics, who used to sit on deerskin for meditation and other such works. In the past, leather was not only used in making clothes and footwear but also in making caps, bags, saddles, armor etc. In the rural areas of Rajasthan, hide from cattle and camel is locally cured and after tanning, it is used to make different items.
Utilitarian items like shoes, jackets, lampshades, pouches, bags, belts, wallets, stuffed toys etc made from leather are exported from India in large quantity. Different regions in India are famous for the unique style and pattern of leather products. Rajasthan is known for its decorated leather items. Bikaner and Jaisalmer produce decorative saddles. Bikaner is also known for Kopi, a unique leather bottle made from camel hide. In Rajasthan, beautiful lamp and lampshades are made from leather.
Leather shoes known as jootis or mojdis are made in Jaipur. Embroidery known as kashida is done on the jooti in Jaipur it is first done on velvet which is then made to cover the shoes. This embroidery is mainly done by the women, who also do a bit of fancy stitching or appliqué work to give a designer look to the shoes that have neither a left or a right foot
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